So… You all remember how excited I was to fit into size 6 jeans, right? 😛 Seems in my sticker shock (what? a 6? on *MY* body???) I forgot the fundamental rule of denim. It stretches! Yup, them jeans that fit so comfy in the store, that look like they did in the photo… they were all universally too big for me after a few hours of wearing. They all went back to Macy’s today and I came home with an bag full of SIZE 4!!!! I’m like… WTF, how in {BLEEP} did size 4’s even fit around my legs??? I didn’t think my skeleton was that small. 😛 I keep wondering whose body I’ve been replaced with… Size 4??? me??? its all kinda mystifying… I think I wore that size in 6th grade…..

yeah, I’m bowled over. 🙂 this is too cool!