I was off all weekend at a couples thing with Peter, scheduled before I’d signed up for the marathon, so I didn’t get to go to my 2nd formal team run 😦 I was a bit concerned about getting in to it again, after a short run Friday and nothing all weekend… but I’d been able to DDR at least over the weekend so I wasn’t totally fitness-less.

So today’s goal was to make up for missing Saturday’s 4 mile run. I decided I didn’t like hills and the track around the park was getting boring, so I whipped out some online maps and set myself a reasonably flat 4+ mile course:

View Interactive Map

It turned out to be a good run – starting thru the park to get to a main but much quieter surface street, then up a gradual hill, and down through a residential neighborhood.  It was actually a really nice ‘hood, slightly newer than our street, with…  🙂  RUNNING TRAILS between the houses.  I will definitely be taking this route again, maybe expanding it as I go.  The really nice part was, about 1 or 1.5 miles into it, something new happened – I hit my stride.  I just started being able to put one foot in front of the other, and it felt good, like I could just keep going until I ran out of roads.  I had to remind myself that I still had to get home in 1 piece and remember to take walks.  I think I completely ran the last 1/2 mile home, and I got home, 4.36 miles later, feeling energized, not dead.  If it hadn’t been dark I would have pushed on from there…  but I got started late (was hoping Peter would come along but he went for a shorter run in the park).  Its yet another one of those exercise things I used to swear was a myth…  I never used to get endorphin rushes and I’ve certainly never hit a stride like that before.  Knowing I’ve only been at this for a few weeks and already I COULD do more than the program really makes the goal feel within reach, not to mention making it feel like it’ll be more fun to reach than I had feared…  🙂

I’ve got to start taking cameras along for the run…  the sunset was gorgeous tonight, especially up on Merril where you can overlook the whole valley under the bright orange streaks of clouds…  Yeah, I could start to like this.