No running today – the rain won’t stop long enough and I’m not THAT dedicated. Hopefully by the time I need to be in full gear it will be more typical California weather. Right now I’m still getting my legs used to running, so a day or 3 off won’t be all that bad. And I did get in 68 mins of DDR instead… Got new dance mats to work finally!

I also slacked off on Peter’s sweater. After another 20 rows I was just about to die of second sleeve syndrome, and went back to my surprise AIDS marathon project: Mini socks!

I’ve been wanting to make minis to match most of my designs, and this is the perfect excuse. I’m offering the instructions to knitters as donation thank you gifts. I’ll be putting together another set of minis, as well as a full sized sock pattern over the next month or two. Only one snafu – 😛 I posted the photos and donation information and forgot to do the write ups… ooooooops…. Thankfully I’m not in trouble as the AIDS marathon donation page takes a few days to a week to show me who has donated what. So by the time I can confirm the donations, I should haev the writeups done. I took very careful notes (I think… lol) so it shouldn’t be TOO much work… 😉