Today was an interesting day.  Started out with one very happy realization – I woke up and wasn’t significantly sore.  YAY!  Since I was definitely feeling it right after yesterday’s 3.6 miles, I was happy to feel good today.  A bit stiff, but not achy and hurting.  I think both that my body is getting used to the idea that I’m going to ask it to pound the pavement on a regular basis, and that the new shoes have my legs aligned right to do so with minimal damage.

One of today’s activities was my monthly psychologists’ mentorship meeting.  Its a group of new and seasoned shrinks who gather in the home of Loiuse Stirpe-Gill, one of the 2 leaders.  Its been an interesting group, loads of advice, and also some struggles.  A long-term mentee member, Don Bradely, showed up again today and we made a rather fun connection.  Don came to psychology as a second career, in his 50’s, and has been attending the mentorship group off and on for most of its 10 years of existence.  He’s chatty and a good storyteller, and was regaling us with his tales of teaching psych 100 at a local non-psych professional school.  At which point I’m realizing both…  I do miss teaching, and uhhh….  what’s stopping me?  So I may be looking for a class or two to teach.  In a perfect world I’d be teaching child assessment.

I happened also to bring up in passing (someone made the “its not a race its a marathon” analogy) that I’d decided to run a marathon as part of my overall self-car/lifestyle change, talking about how our clients seem to be able to reach goals we ourselves have struggled with and won.  I learned after the group, as we were chatting our way out the door, that Don has run 4 marathons himself!  We chatted a bit about how great an equalizer distance running is – its not about winning times or competition, its about striving within yourself, and everyone out there willing to do that striving is a friend and welcome – black, white, gay, straight, young, old, you name it.  Its funny.  I’ve never wanted to exercise around others until now – I just was too uncomfortable with my body.  And I always saw running in particular as a solitary, almost meditative activity.  But now I know you can set a conversational pace, you smile, wave, even high-5 people you pass on the trail – its really does bring a camaraderie I hadn’t even known how deeply I was craving.  I think if I stick with running in particular after reaching this goal…  this will be what keeps me here.  That connection with other people who are willing to reach for their best, and encourage others to do the same.  Here’s to hoping that holds me through the work to come!