Suzi after runToday’s goal was more preparation. I didn’t have any clients (work is very slow right now) so I took myself down to Sports Chalet and bout even more work out clothes. I decided to take to heart advice about stay-dry fabrics, and besides, I wanted some pants for cooler morning runs, and shorts instead of exercise skirts I wear to look cute and flirt with the husband (tho I may well talk myself into running a marathon in the short sport skirt ;-) )

So last night, Peter in his loving helpfulness, took his bike out for a ride around the park path, and measured 1 lap out to precisely 0.68 miles, plus 0.09 miles each way from house to park. I was a WEEEEEEEE bit nervous about running 3 miles to be placed in my pace group… I’ve never run 3 miles in my life! So I decided to actually get some shoes on and run today, at least 3 laps around the park. First lap was UGH, wow, this is more work than Dance Dance revolution. -P I’d honestly thought I’d run the whole way, hills and all, and I got a little discouraged walking up that first hill. But I tried to keep to a pace where I didn’t get totally winded, run as soon as I catch my breath, walk as soon as I start loosing it again. By the 3rd lap I was hitting a stride, seemed to be running and walking in about the same amounts I’d started, so I decided to go for a 4th. probably could have done 5 but I decided pain is a bad thing, and I was REALLY feeling the work in my thighs. DDR does NOT work those muscles. Only problem is I completely forgot to check the time when I left and when I got back, so my speed is a total guess. I guess 35 mins or thereabouts for the whole thing, 2.9 miles all told. I’m feeling a lot better about the first training Saturday – at least I know I’ll make it thru the first 3 miles and still be able to stand up!